Creating a great (but simple) picture story...


I don't think I've ever been strong at creating photo stories. During my time as a staff photographer, I didn't really have the time to work on one long-term, but I did have the chance to photograph one while being an editor for the Missourian. I think it was very storytelling and had all the components of the story it needed. However, I think it's difficult for me to find quiet, telling moments instead of blatant ones. 

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Terra Fondriest, a participant in MPW.69, did a story on the manager of Eldon Animal Control Shelter (linked).

I think her story is a good example of a simple picture story that is also very telling of who the subject is and how his physical appearance opposes the way he really is inside. This story could have been really boring and basic and typical of what is normally done on people who work with animals. However, I think Terra was able to capture those quiet moments of the job and create another dimension of the subject that we learn about. I really like how she connected Phil Ponder's (subject) life at work to his life at home: they are both filled with animals that he loves and cares for. Without blatantly and outright showing it through her images, Terra is able to create the idea of intimacy and kindness of Ponder through the quiet moments that she captured with her photographs. I also really enjoy the visual variety that she provides without making the story seem like it's about the animals and not on Ponder. Photographing in multiple places helped show that Ponder is doing the best he can for the animals no matter where he is, and makes the transition between images easier to manage.

After meeting her at MPW, I began to look at her personal work that she has done in the past. She is really big into photographing her family and kids, and it's amazing how she can capture these wonderful moments with her family. They are really quiet, intimate moments that I would like to learn how to do. Although her photo story is a simple one, I would argue, her images are really powerful and each one tells a story through body language and angles. 

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