Eighty-two days of cultural exploration in the heart of London

An instagram series on the history of the UK as well as our adventures during our summer abroad. Full Instagram here

Text by Kate Moger & Photography by Monique Woo

As a group of ten University of Missouri students, we embarked on a journalistic adventure for three months. We explored the cultural differences and the history behind Britain. 

Traveling throughout the city, the best moments were seemingly caught in photographs. Photographs tell a story, and when paired with a backstory and brief history description, it provides the viewer with a visual reality. 

The summer was packed with special events and activities, which led to the unique photographs within our Instagram page, @moandk8. You can scroll through and recognize typical landmarks of London, but you can also scroll through and see other eccentric adventures. The Donald Trump protest, Pride in London, Shoreditch and famous street art are just some of the items we photographed and wanted to show to the public.

As a photojournalist and a digital strategist, we aimed at providing a platform for younger viewers to enjoy the British history and culture on a familiar digital platform. In addition, we used hashtags with some of our favorite photographs to draw in more Instagram users to view our public page. Our goal was to provide interesting photographs with short history descriptions to keep the viewer interested and intrigued with the city of London.