One of my favorite stories with a complication is...

Lisa Krantz's "A Life Apart: The Toll of Obesity."

I remember being shown this story in one of my classes, and since then, I think about it all the time and how incredible it is at telling Hector's story. It is just an incredible story because it is extremely intimate and just conveys exactly what the subject was going through. The complication in the story is that Hector is struggling with his weight, which has caused other physical problems as well. It's just such an interesting story that was executed so well. 

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Story on her website:

Story on POYi:

For POYi, she made a much tighter edit for the Issue Reporting Picture Story - Newspaper category, but I really love the other images that are on her website. Every image has its own story to tell about Hector and the struggles and happiness he faces.


SPOILER ALERT *** Go through the story before reading this!

The complication of the story is obvious, but you don't really think that Hector is going to die until you get to the photo of him being wheeled out of his house in a body bag.




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