video interviews for the photographer's soul

This is the first video I have done this semester, and I have to say I did enjoy making it. Although I wish my lighting set up was a little more dynamic, I think that it turned out okay. 

For my video, I actually used the green wall in the studio, and changed the background to look almost exactly like the other grey walls in the room. Waste of time? Maybe. At first I was not expecting to change it to grey, but it worked the best in terms of making it look not fake. When I changed it to black, the background just looked flat and unnatural, and changing the grey allowed the shadows to remain in the shot. At first I was really frustrated with the shadow, but now I really do like it and think that it adds some depth to the interview. I put a key light on Becca and then used the reflector as the fill, which I assume most of class did as well. There is a hair light on her, but it's as apparent as I wish it was. 

Video, in my opinion, takes more time to set-up because there are more things you need to worry about when filming. The one thing that probably make the set-up take more time was the size of the room and the lens that were given to us. The telephoto did work, but because it was so zoomed it, I had to move it WAY WAY back. This caused me to position my lights differently so they wouldn't show up in the frame. Also, the DSLR's are really good with film because you can actually bracket and see the difference it makes on the screen. That was really helpful when I began to film because I could change the exposure to whatever I liked by just turning the dial and looking at the screen. The audio was a breeze; I don't think Becca or I had any problems with the audio. I really enjoyed using the lav mic. I've never used one before and learning how to work it is really useful for future endeavors. To the right is the video interview Becca did of me. Watching myself talk is just no my favorite thing to see, and I know that almost everyone agrees with me on this.